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    Pound The Round - A blog for the dedicated.. addicted.. & totally obsessed booty loving fiends worldwide.

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    Supercar driveway | JE

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    photo by Matthew Clark

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    In Microgravity, Some Snakes Tie Themselves in Knots, Others Attack Themselves

    In microgravity, snakes lose their sense of proprioception, or the awareness of one’s body parts in relation to one another. Once the gravity wheels come off the wagon, snakes no longer seem to know their own bodies from any other physical obstacle they’re bouncing up against. They might perceive that obstacle as an enemy, or, if they think it’s another snake, they might try to bunch up alongside it, a common reaction in stressed groups of snakes, io9 explains. 

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    Cheshire’s color change, 2008 through 2011. She’s still changing a little, but this covers the most dramatic part of the color change. Dates in photo captions.

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